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Proverbs Starting with letter A - part 14
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Anything with scales counts as a fish.
Anything with scales counts as fish.
Anywhere is good, but home is best!.

Apelles was not a master painter the first day.
Apes remain apes, though you cloth them in velvet.
Appearance can be deceiving. A wolf can disguise himself as a sheep.
Appearances are deceitful.
Appearances are deceptive.
Appearances can be deceiving.
Appetite comes in eating.
Appetite comes with eating.
Appetite comes with eating; the more one has, the more one would have.
Applaud the man who cheats a cheater.
Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over. (Said by on his deathbed.).
Apple blossoms are beautiful, but rice dumplings are better.
Approach the perfumer and thou wilt be perfumed.
April and May make meal for the whole year.
April showers bring May flowers.
April showers bring forth May flowers.
Arabic is a language, Persian is a delicacy and Turkish is an art.
Are there not spots on the sun?.
Are you asking the donkey about Wednesday?.
Are you not accustomed to look at home, when you abuse others?.
Argus at home, a mole abroad.
Aristocracy obligates.
Arms and money require good hands.
Arms carry peace.
Arms, women, and books should be looked at daily.
Around a flowering tree, one finds many insects.
Around a flowering tree, there are many insects.
Around bread there will always be crumbs.
Arrange your cloak as the wind blows.
Arrogance comes before the fall.
Arrogance diminishes wisdom.
Arrogance is a weed that grows mostly on a dunghill.
Arrogance is intolerable.
Art and knowledge bring bread and honour.
Art finds its food everywhere.
Art for art's sake.
Art holds fast when all else is lost.

Art is art, even though unsuccessful.
Art is long and life is short.
Art is long, life is short.' The Latin translation by of a phrase from , often used out of context. The 'art' referred to in the original aphorism was the craft of medicine, which took a lifetime to acquire. Has been used recently to mean a person's artistic creations will long outlive them.
Art is to conceal art' or 'The art is in concealing the art.
Art without knowledge is nothing.' (An art or skill is nothing without knowledge; specifically, architecture depends on knowing physics, or structural engineering. Source: Jean Mignot, 14th century).
As Jake treats God, God will treat Jake.
As a child, is a man wrapped in his mother's womb; as an adult, in tradition; comes death, and he is wrapped in earth.
As a daughter grows up she is like smuggled salt.
As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly. Proverbs 26: 11.
As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.
As a man dresses so is he esteemed.
As a man eats, so he works.
As a man has lived, so will he die.
As a thing is used, so it brightens.
As a tree falls, so shall it lie.
As an (old) proverb goes,.
As are the times, so are the manners.
As ass does not hit himself twice against the same stone.
As busy (hard-working) as a bee.
As changeable is the moon so is the opinion of the woman.
As chicken is not a bird, woman is not a human being.
As day break, the glowworms say 'We've lit up the world!'.
As day breaks, the glowworms say 'We've lit up the world!'.
As demure as an old whore at a christening.
As fast as laws are devised, their evasion is contrived.
As fit as a fiddle.
As fortune is sought, so it is found.
As good as gold.
As good be an addled egg as an idle bird.
As good eat the devil as the broth he was boiled in.
As great birds die the eggs rot.
As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.
As hungry as a wolf.
As if it weren't bad enough to fall, the ladder lands on top of you.
As if s/he has fallen from an elephant's nose.
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
As is the gardener, so is the garden.
As is the king, so are his people.
As is the lover so is the beloved.
As is the master, so is his dog.
As long as I am running my father will still have a son.
As long as I breathe, I hope.
As long as a child does not cry, it does not matter what pleases it.
As long as a language lives, the people will not perish.
As long as a sick person is conscious, there is still hope.' Commonly 'While there's life there's hope.
As long as the beard exists, the world clenches its fists. As long as the pakul hat exists, the world stutters in fits.
As long as the clouds dolt weep, the pasture cannot laugh.
As long as the fish swims in the water, don't light up the grill.
As long as the mouse keeps still you can be sure that the cat stays on guard.

As long as the sun shines one does not ask for the moon.
As long as the white man stutters, the interpreters have a lot of work.
As long as there are lice in the seams of the garment there must be bloodstains on the fingernails.
As long as there is no wind, the tree won't blow.
As long as there will remain two men on Earth, Jealousy will reign.
As long as there's life, there is hope.
As long as time is not pressing one does not burn incense; when it becomes urgent one kisses the feet of Buddha.
As long as you are happy, you will have many friends. / If times are becoming moggy you will be alone.' (, Tristia I,9,5-6).
As long as you are wealthy, you will have many friends. When the tough times come, you will be left alone.
As long as you stay in a group, the lion will stay hungry.
As many opinions as people.
As mills require two stones, so friendship requires two heads.
As mony heads, as mony wits.
As one devil goes out, another one comes in.
As one makes his bed, that way he shall lie down.
As one sows, so shall he reap.
As people go their own way, destiny goes with them.
As princes fiddle, subjects must dance.
As small as a button but a big trouble maker.
As soon a man is born he begins to die.
As soon as a man gets new trousers, he thinks about a new wife.
As soon as a man is born, he begins to die.
As soon as a man leaves his house he has seven enemies.
As soon as he set her down she said that she was tired.
As soon as man is born he begins to die.
As soon as stones can swim, leaves will sink.
As soon as you have finished a job, you start appreciating the difficulties.
As soon as your cart is turned over, everyone rushes to give you advice.
As soon dies the calf as the cow.
As stupid as a pig's bottom.
As the (old) proverb goes,.
As the abbot sings the sacristan responds.
As the big hound is, so will the pup be.
As the call, so the echo.
As the crow tried to imitate the partridge, it forgot its own walking style.
As the day lengthens, so the cold strengthens.
As the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.'.
As the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.
As the fat man gets thinner, the thin one is already dead.
As the field, so the crops; as the father, so the sons.
As the grace of man is in the mind, so the beauty of the mind is eloquence.
As the king lives, so live his vassals.
As the labour, so the pay.
As the man is worth his land is worth.
As the man is, so is his language.
As the man is, so is his speech.
As the master is, so are his men.
As the master sleeps, the servant dreams.
As the master, so the work.

As the meat, so its broth.
As the mistress, so the maid.
As the old birds sing, so the young ones twitter.
As the old birds sings, the young ones twitter.
As the old cock crows so crows the young.
As the old cock crows the young cock learns.
As the old cock crows, the young cock learns.
As the old ones sing, the young ones twitter.
As the person who has health is young, so the person who owes nothing is rich.
As the question so the answer.
As the saying goes.
As the sea will not dry up, so the nation will not lose its way. .
As the sheep are shorn, the lambs shiver.
As the snow melts the filth shows through.
As the spokes of a wheel are attached to the hub, so all things are attached to life.
As the stone leaves your hand it belongs to the devil.
As the sun's shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth.
As the tree, so the fruit.
As the tree, so the fruit; as the mistress, so the maid.
As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined.
As the virtue in the tree, such is the fruit.
As the wind so the sail.
As the wise man looks for a bridge the fool crosses the river.
As the wound inflames the finger, so the thought inflames the mind.
As the wound inflames the finger, so thought inflames the mind.
As they pipe to me, I will dance.
As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats.
As to the juror or the witness, bribe both.
As twice two is four.
As we grow older our bad qualities make us younger.
As we were speaking of the King of Rome, look who dropped by!.
As won, so spent.
As you are, I was. As I am, you will be.' (used on Roman tombstones).
As you bake so shall you brew.
As you began the dance you may pay the piper.
As you brew so shall you bake.
As you brew, so you shall bake.
As you have arranged the thread so must you weave it.
As you make your bed so you must lie on it.
As you make your bed so you must lie upon it.
As you make your bed, so you are going to lie in it.
As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.
As you see yourself, I once saw myself; as you see me now, you will be seen.
As you sow, you shall reap.
As you worship plantain, remember to worship banana as well.
As you would have a daughter so choose a wife.
Ashamed of what she sees in the daytime the sun sets with a blush.
Ashes always fly back in the face of him who throws them.
Ashes fly back into the face of him who throws them.

Ashes will always blow back into the face of the thrower.
Ask God for what man can give, and you may get it.
Ask a lot, but take what is offered.
Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer.
Ask about your neighbors, then buy the house.
Ask advice of an ignorant man and he will think you are his enemy.
Ask advice of your equals, help of your superiors.
Ask for advice, then use your head.
Ask for too much in order to get enough.
Ask for your wife's advice and then do the opposite.
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
Ask me what are my virtues, not about the color of my skin.
Ask me what is the greatest thing in the world, I will reply: It is people, it is people, it is people!.
Ask my chum if I am a thief.
Ask my companion if I be a thief.
Ask my comrade, who is as great a liar as myself.
Ask no questions and hear no lies.
Ask not after a good man's pedigree.
Ask someone else for advice but keep your knowledge to yourself.
Ask the experienced rather than the learned.
Ask thy purse what thou should'st buy.
Ask too much to get enough.
Ask which was born first, the hen or the egg.
Asking costs little.
Asking doesn't offend.
Asleep in the morning, Awake all evening; this is the way to lose a house.
Asleep in the morning, awake in the evening; this way will destroy a house.
Aspiration is not a defect for youngsters.
Assertion is no proof.
Asses carry the oats and horses eat them.
Asses must not be tied up with horses.
Asses sing badly, because they pitch their voices too high.
Asses that bray most eat least.
Assistance given when it is not required, is as bad as an injury.
Associate with the good and you will be one of them.
Assurance is two-thirds of success.
Assurance is two-thirds success.
At Rome do as Rome does.
At Shrove-tide every one had need of his frying-pan.
At a dangerous passage yield precedence.
At a distance, she takes the heart; up close, she takes the gall-bladder.
At a good bargain pause and ponder.
At a great pennyworth pause awhile.
At a great river be the last to pass.
At a little fountain one drinks at one's ease.
At a round table there is no dispute about place.
At a wedding a bride eats the least.
At an auction keep your mouth shut.
At an open chest the righteous sins.
At borrowing cousin german, at repaying son of a whore.
At court there are many hands, but few hearts.
At court they sell a good deal of smoke without fire.
At death's door a man will beg for the fever.
At evening the sluggard is busy.
At high tide fish eat ants; at low tide ants eat fish.
At high tide the fish eat ants; at low tide the ants eat fish.
At home saints never perform miracles.
At last the foxes all meet at the furrier's.
At night all cats are grey.
At night one takes eels, it is worth waiting sometimes.
At once a good general and a stout soldier.

At table bashfulness is out of place.
At the bar of one's own conscience.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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