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Information letter for parents about school trip

Dear Parents

I am writing this letter so that you all have the needed information about the upcoming trip to Montreal Canada by the senior class. Thus far enough funds have been raised by the class to reserve the hotel floor, the charter bus, and provide for any gratuities during the four day trip.

At this point everyone who is going, including chaperones, will be meeting at the high school's main entrance on the morning of Friday May 8th at 8 AM to board the bus. We plan to be underway by 8:30 and should reach the Canadian boarder by 10 AM where we will stop for a fifteen minute break. We should reach Montreal by 3PM Friday afternoon. We plan to leave Montreal by noon Monday afternoon and be home again by 6PM at the high school.

Please remind your child to keep any medication on them at all times and restrict the amount of gear they bring as we will be passing through customs agents on both the American and Canadian side.

Frank Grand, Vice Principal
Community West High School

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