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Why are you so upset?
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Tell me the truth
This is the last time to hurt me
We need to talk
When will you love me again?
I understand that you want more
Did I hurt you?
Free written love letters
I am going through a few things
I changed my mind

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Example of Love Letter

A love letter is a letter to a person to whom one is romantically attached. Love letters are one of the famous forms of historical and literary correspondence, often used in fiction as devices to promote the storyline or explain parts of the story. Love letters are also considered very private correspondence in all cultures, personal matters which are by definition not to be intruded upon. Love letters can typically be based on personal references, funny, wistful, longing, and are accepted as genuine expressions of true feelings. Love letters are recorded in ancient history in all cultures, but became culturally popular in the late 19th century as literacy spread in the West.

Examples of Love Letter:


Image Example of Love Letter:

Love letter by Johannes Vermeer.

Amedeo momo simonetti: Opening a love letter.

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