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       Facebook Example of English Lesson Plan Grade 2-Talk about oneself LINKED IN Example of English Lesson Plan Grade 2-Talk about oneself del-icio-us Example of English Lesson Plan Grade 2-Talk about oneself

Example of English Lesson Plan Grade 2-Talk about oneself

English Lesson Plan-Talk About Oneself
  1. Objective/s
    1. Talk about oneself
    2. Copy sentences using capital letters in names of persons and places.

  2. Subject Matter:
    1. Talking About Oneself
      Using Capital letters and Periods in Sentences
    2. Values Infused - Politeness

  3. Materials/Reference:
    1. English Book, Writing # 3, p.10
    2. Pictures and stick puppets of a teacher and 2 pupils.
      Rules for speaking in a chart.

  4. Procedure:
    1. Introduction:
      Teachers greet pupils and introduce her, then motions pupils to greet her too.
    2. Motivation:
      Observing a picture of a class with a teacher and two pupils.
      'Who are in the picture? What do you think are they doing?'
    3. Presentation:
      1. Listening to a dialogue like the following: (Teacher uses stick puppets of characters, Miss Santos, Robert and Nikka.)
        My name is Miss Santos.
        I am your new teacher.
        Tell me about yourself?

        My name is Robert Cardino.
        I am eight years old.
        I am in grade two.

        My name is Nikka Cruz.
        I am in grade two.
        I go to Holy Infant School.

      2. Answering questions about the dialogue.
        Who is the new teacher?
        How old is Robert?
        What grade is Nikka in?
        What school does she go to?
      3. Oral practice on the lines of the characters
        1. Group pupils into 3. Assign characters to every group.
        2. Settings standards like:
          1. Stand up so everybody can see you.
          2. Look at your classmates
          3. Speak loud enough so everybody can hear you.
      4. Values Integration:When listening why one should:
        1. Be quite so everybody can hear him or her.
        2. Look at the person speaking.
        3. Listen carefully.
        4. Stop at the end of the sentence.
    4. Elicitation: How are beginning words written?
      What other words in the sentence begin with capital letters?
      What is at the end of each sentence?
    5. Generalization:
      To talk about our self, we say:
      My name is -------------.
      I am in grade -----------.
      I am ---------- years old.
      I go to --------------------.
    6. Written Practice: (Seatwork and Board work)

  5. Evaluation:

    Rewrite the sentences below using capital letter and a period where needed:
    my name is raymond padilla
    i am eight years old
    i am in grade two
    i go to holy infant school
  6. Assignment:

    Cut out pictures of a boy and a girl and paste them in your notebook. Write down Correctly what they would say about themselves.


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