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Example of Science Lesson Plan-Animals

Science Lesson Plan-Animals

    At the end of the session, the Grade 1 pupils are expected to:
    1. identify the animals presented by naming it
    2. distinguish the physical characteristics of each animal by performing it in a class
    3. appreciate the uniqueness of each animal by sharing it to the class


    Science and Health 1
    Topic: Animals
    Instructional Materials:
    • large illustration of animals
    • compact disc
    • CD player
    • textbook
    Values Integrated:
    • Appreciation of God's creation
    • Respect
    Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animals
    1. Preliminaries:
      1. Motivation: Color - Coding
        • each chair is assigned to each color
      2. Recall: Living Things
      3. Oral Recitation: ask the students what are their favorite animals
    2. Activity Proper
      1. The teacher will present the song to the class entitled : 'IF I WERE'
      2. The teacher will ask the students what animals were mentioned in the song
      3. 'Check under your chairs. What color do you have their? If you have the same color of the animal presented in front, then that would be your group.'
      4. 'after the discussion, you will perform the song in your own creative action
      5. and songs.'
      1. Discuss each animal feature presented in front
      2. The teacher will call some pupils to tell to the class what are the physical features they observed with each of their assigned animals
      1. The teacher will let the pupils present their creative presentation of the song
      1. Follow-up question:
      2. What do you think is the message of the song for you?
      3. Do we need to love and care the creation of God?


    1. Write at least 5 animals mentioned in that song. State their importance as a creation of God

    1. Draw your favourite animal and explain why you like that.


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