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Example of Generalization

A generalization is a statement which is all embracing. Generalizations are often considered inaccurate, not allowing for exceptions, or making sweeping statements which don't acknowledge other factors. In correct usage, they're usually qualified with an expression like 'Generally' or 'in general', which modifies the statement into a basic descriptor of a situation or subject, rather than a full description. Generalizations are functionally effective as scene setters, creating a framework for statements. They're particularly ineffective as analytical bases because their broad nature makes them inaccurate in detail.

Examples of Generalization:

All apples are red.
All buildings are square.
Anyone could tell you the laws of physics.
Everyone is literate these days.

Image Example of Generalization:

An n-cube can be projected inside a regular 2n-gonal polygon by a skew orthogonal projection, shown here from the 2-cube to the 10-cube.


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