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Example of Snacks

Snacks is a marketing expression that's gone into common usage meaning a small meal, as distinct from a major meal. It applies to packaged food in small servings like packets of corn chips, sweets, individually packed food servings, etc. In some cases the usage is derogatory, implying not enough food, or dismissive of the quality of the food provided. In other cases the use is sarcastic, referring to large amounts of food as inadequate.

Examples of Snacks:

Get some snacks for the guests.
I'm so hungry a horse would be a snack.
$200 for that? It was just a snack, not a meal!
Image Example of Snacks:

A picture of some low-calorie snacks. These include: bell peppers, endives, beetroots, apples, asparagus and tomatoes.

A bowl of chips.

A chocolate chip cookie.


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