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Examples of Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is a statement of goals in the form of a short essay. These statements are commonly required for research and academic purposes. The requirement is to provide a clear description of intent, in context with the academic requirements of the institution or organization. An intern, for example, could be required to provide this information in context with work in a research organization in a postgraduate environment. The statement of purpose should be viewed by students as a good opportunity to set out goals and make clear the importance and relationship of the academic situation to readers. It's strongly advised to consider in detail the structure and content of the statement of purpose prior to drafting.

Examples of Statement of Purpose:


Image Example of Statement of Purpose:

Photograph of the broadside statement of purpose of the congress of the colony of New Hampshire, January 5, 1776, chosen and appointed by the free suffrages of the people of the said colony.


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