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Letter of complaint about school bus stop location

Ed Murphy
Little Memorial Elementary School
Hometown WA

Dear Mr. Murphy

My son, Ted, is a third grade student at Little Memorial Elementary School. The closest bus stop for him would be the corner of Hill Street and Tenth Avenue, in front of 22 Hill Street.

I am writing to ask that you consider moving this pickup spot to a safer location.

Hill and Tenth is a major intersection in our community and also is along a truck route to the power plants. At 7: AM there is a tremendous amount of rush hour traffic.

While all of the children have been warned to be careful while waiting for the bus there, I don't know if we can guarantee that one of them will not stray into the road.

I would like to suggest moving the bus stop around the corner onto Tenth Street, near the Kelly Playground. There is more room to stand there, less traffic, and a play area to use while the children wait for the bus.

Kathy Kellogg

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