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Example of a personal mission statement

Writing your personal mission statement defines your main values and purpose in your life. Personal mission statements can act as a compass to guide you in your career development. Planning your mission statement takes time and planning to write a statement that works for you.

The personal mission statement you write will be specific to your individual style and needs. There is no set template as to what a good mission statement is for each person as they are all different. There are a few basic concepts which should be a part of every mission statement. A personal mission statement summarizes the following for each person:

  • Personal goals and aspirations
  • Core values
  • Social responsibility

What information should your personal mission statement have in it? Some of the basic information should have five to seven points which define the following:

  • One or two main values
  • Your plan to contribute to society
  • Who the main focus of your contribution will be
  • What you hope to accomplish in life
  • What your best skill or attribute is

Here are three examples of personal mission statements:

My mission in life is to champion others to help them grow personally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. I will do this by using my compassion, unique perspective and the belief in the inherent goodness of others as well as their integrity and potential.


I will - make efforts to further my knowledge every day through taking classes, reading or observation so I can follow in the example of my parents.

I will - set myself to improving my inferior qualities such as organization, responsibility and compassion so that I can be a better brother, son, student and friend.

I will - continue to strive for a healthy and long life by following a scheduled exercise regimin and a more balanced diet.

I will - continue my career development by remaining employed in a field where I can grow and continue to improve my income to achieve other personal goals.

I will - strive to put time aside for family and friends so that I may be able to treasure the connection I have with them while they are in my life.

I will - attain a respected leadership role to the people around me by taking a more active role in creating initiatives and solutions to problems around me.


My purpose through each day of my life is to have an expression of commitment to love my family and friends. I plan to cherish each of them. I plan to improve myself professionally and personally through education and open-mindedness so that I can advance in both my life and career in a way that I can enjoy and feel content.


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