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Example of Sonnet

A sonnet is a single theme verse of 14 lines, based on a specific rhythmic meter, usually 8 lines (octet) and 6 lines (sestet) in the Italian form and 2 4 line quatrains and a couplet in the English form. Sonnets were extremely popular in the 16th century, and revived in England by the poet laureate Wordsworth in the 18th century. The form has revived regularly since Wordsworth. Sonnets are generally lyrical, and could be considered the Western version of haiku poetry in their brevity. Modern and historical sonnets may also address social or personal issues.

Examples of Sonnets:

Shakespeare's Sonnets '... When most suborn'd stands least in thy control'.

Image Examples of Sonnets:

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, c.1542 by Hans Holbein.

William Shakespeare, in the famous 'Chandos' portrait. Artist and authenticity unconfirmed.

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