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Example of Vision and Mission Statements

Corporate Mission Statement:
Our vision is to be the world's leading company focused on the customer; and become a place where
people can find the products and services they are searching for.  Our goal is to provide customer
satisfaction, innovative technology, and exceptional standards in everything we offer.

Facebook Mission Statement (for a facebook group/organization)
To give people all around the world the opportunity to meet, discuss, and share in their passion for our

Church Mission Statement
Our mission is to spread the word of our faith, sharing knowledge and religion with those in need of
guidance; to provide pro-active outreach programs to teens and young adults, and involve them in their
community and church services.  We hope to not only teach our current patrons but also reach out to
those in need, whether they are in our community or abroad. 

Personal Mission Statement
To strive to be a better person, and know when I need to change, to learn from my mistakes and be
able to teach others what I've learned.  To forgive not only others for their mistakes, but to learn to also
forgive myself for my own errors.  To love those around me, and care for those I have not yet met.

Education Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide quality education and services to all of our students; to maintain an open teaching
environment in which our students and teachers can learn and grow. 

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